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Using our God-given gifts - HG Bishop Angaelos

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In this short sermon, His Grace Bishop Angaelos speaks to us about the parable of the vine-dressers, and using the talents and gifts we have been given by God for the benefit of others.

The challenges and rewards of service - HG Bishop Angaelos - Servants Retreat 2015

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In this talk, His Grace Bishop Angaelos, General Bishop of the Coptic Orthodox Church in the United Kingdom, speaks about the various challenges we face in service, highlighting the importance of discipleship and focusing on building a personal relationship with the Lord Himself.

How God led His ministers in the Old Testament - Abouna Shenouda - Servants Retreat 2015

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In this talk, Abouna Shenouda speaks to us about God leading His ministers in the Old Testament as a form of discipleship that we can learn from, using Nehemiah and Deborah as examples.

Discipleship as a foundation of service - HG Bishop Moussa

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In this talk, given at the UK Servant’s Retreat 2015, His Grace Bishop Moussa talks about the importance of discipleship in service. His Grace speaks about the five pillars of service and discipleship as beginning with our Lord Jesus Christ Himself, to the Apostles, the Church Fathers, the Body of Christ through to our Father of Confession. His Grace emphasises the importance of focusing on our Lord Jesus Christ Himself and gives practical tips as to how that can be achieved.


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