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Prodigal Son

Faithful living - HG Bishop Moussa

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In this short sermon, given in the Parish of Saint George, by His Grace Bishop Moussa, Bishop for Youth, His Grace speaks about the importance of faithful living and Christian witness, using the story of the Prodigal son as an example of that.

The Prodigal Son

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In this short sermon about the Prodigal Son, His Grace Bishop Angaelos, General Bishop of the Coptic Orthodox Church in the United Kingdom talks about the immense love God has for each one of us, regardless of our shortcomings, highlighting that if we return to our Father in repentance He not only welcomes us back but lovingly and willingly restores us to who we are.

Living Scripture - A Journey Through Lent - Week 4 - The Samaritan Woman

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As we continue the journey through Lent with HG Bishop Angaelos we learn about the transforming power that is experienced through a personal relationship with Christ. The Sunday Gospel reading in focus is: John 4:1 - 42 (The Samaritan Woman)

Living Scripture - A Journey Through Lent - Week 3 - The Prodigal Son

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Living Scripture with His Grace Bishop Angaelos is back to take us on a journey through Lent. The Gospel Reading for the Sunday of Lent week 3 is Luke 15:11-32 which speaks (through the account of the Prodigal Son) of God’s love for His children and His desire for us to be with Him.

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