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The Eucharist

No room for division or conflict in Him

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His Grace Bishop Angaelos, General Bishop of the Coptic Orthodox Church in the United Kingdom, speaks about unity and division, highlighting the fact that when we abide in Christ there is no room for conflict or division as we are all called to unity with one another, within ourselves and with God.

Arise now - HG Bishop Angaelos

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In this talk, His Grace Bishop Angaelos speaks about the importance of responding to God's call to arise out of sin and anything that is hindering our spiritual journey; using the account of the Paralytic man in Scripture as an example of how we can be victoriously raised through Christ.

Saint Mary the Mother of God - 10 minutes of Orthodoxy

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In this talk Basem Morris talks about Saint Mary as a role model, and clarifies misconceptions we may have about veneration and our desire to be like her.

Cleansing our hearts

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In this short sermon His Grace Bishop Angaelos talks about priesthood, the Sacraments and the importance of cleansing our hearts to allow our Lord Jesus Christ to enter in.


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